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Hello I'm Holli! I love all Japanese street fashion! 💕


| Australia | student


Japanese fairy kei idol group cache♡*coucou (Kurumi, Hina & Maro), on the street in Harajuku wearing colorful looks with fashion from 6%DOKIDOKI, Milklim, Dazzlin, Black Peace Now, Nadia, Disney & WEGO. In addition to their FB page above, they have a short idol video on YouTube. Full Looks


[4:25 PM] I wanna go blonde again (top)

[4:28 PM] Every time I see Ami-chan from E-girls I start wanting blonde hair.

[4:31 PM] Another one of these kinda portraits… RT @Snows07: @pamyurin This Kyary looks like Ami-chan!!! (bottom left)

[4:32 PM] For some reason images of me are always styled after this picture from 3 years ago. lol (bottom right)